The best car in the world

Lotus Elan S3 SE DHC
Lotus Elan S3 SE DHC


This is a 1967 Lotus Elan Series 3, Special Equipment, Drop Head Coupe, and it is by far the best car I have owned or driven.

So the car has 155mm wide tyres, 115 BHP engine (allegedly ) from a 1558cc engine running on twin carbs and not a computer in site.

So why is it the best car?

Looks? Yes.

Ride? Yes

Comfort? (cosy but comfortable)


Lets think about that. Last night I watched on TV top gear with cars having 380 BHP and more, top speeds of 190 MPH and o-60 in 4 seconds. Great but where are you going to enjoy that. lets get real here. There was also a Ferrari that cost £1m, where would you be happy leaving that.

The Elan was fast in its day and 0-60 times of 6 to 7 seconds is still pretty good and 30 to 35 mpg during ‘normal’ use. The car was, and is, just so tactile to drive.

More to follow. And please add your thoughts.

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