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Hello and welcome to my new website or blog depending on what you call these things. I am a big classic and sports car fan and have been since my youth. I have decided to start this blog just as a way of distributing and displaying all the information and photographs that I have collected over the years.

I love going to classic car shows and this is my intention to take even more photographs in the future and post them here for all to see. I will also take photos at the various auctions I attend and again put them up here for people’s reference.

I know how hard it can be to find a photograph of a particular detail on a particular car perhaps when you are carrying out a restoration and it is my hope that my photographs will help some people in this regard.

My main interest is in English sports cars and I am a big fan of Lotus (my favourite) triumphs, MGs, TVRs and the like.

I hope you find this website interesting as I develop it with loads of content and I will try to research and put in upcoming classic car meetings as a resource for everyone.

Let me know your comments both good and bad about the site for future development.


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